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An exciting time of year! Although cherry season is relatively short, Yakima Fresh captures the most flavorful fruit of all. Our mouth-watering Northwest cherries are sweet and delicious thanks to our advanced horticultural practices paired with state-of-the-art packing procedures.

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Dark Cherries

Northwest dark cherries are the leading commercial sweet cherry in North America and remain one of the few seasonal commodities. Dark cherries are firm, juicy and deep mahogany red when ripe. Exceptionally large, these cherries are of the finest quality. Vibrant in flavor, this intensely sweet variety has 16% - 20% natural fruit sugar. There are many varieties of Northwest dark cherries. The most popular variety is the Bing cherry which has become the standard to which other varieties are compared. Additional dark, sweet cherry varieties include: Chelan, Tieton, Lapin, Lambert, Skeena and Sweetheart.

PLU's: #4045

Rainier Cherries

A very attractive, exceptionally large, yellow cherry with a bright red blush. Rainier cherries have a distinctive appearance among sweet cherry varieties. Delicately flavored with high sugar levels (ranging from 18 – 23% natural fruit sugar), the flesh is pure yellow, firm and finely textured. Rainier cherries: A premium niche variety.

PLU's: #4258

Jewel Strawberry Cherries

Our unique and exciting Jewel Strawberry Cherries are exceptionally large, extremely firm and delightfully juicy. They are dark red with a slightly white to creamy pink flesh when ripe. Vibrant flavor and intensely super sweet, with natural fruit sugar levels that usually range from 19%-25%.
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Jewel Strawberry cherries: Supplies are limited

Clamshells: 1 LB and 2 LB