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A leader in fresh fruit grown in the majestic Northwest United States. Our top quality fruit and service make Yakima Fresh a forerunner in the agricultural industry.


When it comes to fresh fruit it is all about consistent QUALITY and delicious FLAVOR. Fruit grown in the Northwest United States is recognized around the world for its great flavor and high quality. Whether it’s Apples, Pears or Cherries; customers know that if it’s grown in the Northwest, it’s something special. 

MAKE YAKIMA FRESH YOUR SOURCE for the best the Northwest has to offer all year long. We know our fruit is superior because we grow over 70% of it in our own orchards. 


YAKIMA FRESH is a partnership between three of the most successful Northwest Grower-Packer-Shippers: Roche, Stadelman and Yakima Fruit. Each company has deep roots and a very proud heritage in the fruit industry, in some cases going back over a century. 

The advantage of YAKIMA FRESH is a greatly diversified product mix of high volume Northwest tree fruits and control of our own orchard acreage that insures consistent quality on a daily basis. We operate four state-of-the-art packing and shipping warehouses in Washington and Oregon, each of which have comprehensive in-house quality control and food safety practices that are rigidly followed. Our pre-size facilities and our multiple packaging capabilities afford us the flexibility to meet our customers’ packaging needs in a timely and punctual manner. We also understand the importance of controlling the product from tree-to-table. 

YAKIMA FRESH is completely customer-driven, with an experienced team of professionals in Sales, Transportation, Merchandising, Marketing, and Ecommerce. We are dedicated to providing our customers with individual attention, innovative solutions and WORLD-CLASS SERVICE.